Memorial Day

Okay, this week was a crazy and emotional week. Here’s how it started. 

Tuesday was transfer day and we were helping a couple of the sisters move around. So. We drove EVERYWHERE. We went to the top of Whittier and then to Lakewood and then to Long Beach and everywhere. Holy cow. It was a lot of driving. There were a couple of amazing things that happened in a couple of hours. While we were at the mission office we saw SISTER CARPENTER. AHHHH. It was one of the best moments of my life. She was an office missionary and they went home in January and she was visiting! I loved her. I was so happy 🙂 

AND THEN we picked Sister Biberston(friend from beginning of mission) up to come to Whittier! Ahhhhhh. It was the greatest. I am so excited because she is now in my district and zone. It’s going to be a party. 

We helped one of the ward members who had lived in the same house for 60 years pack up and move. They had SO MUCH STUFF. They were planning on leaving the next day but they had so much stuff we didn’t think it was possible. We were there for about 3 hrs. We folded clothes, packed boxes, organized hangers. It was crazy. 

Anyways, the rest of our week was fun and very busy! We had exchanges on Friday and I was with Sister Crowell! She’s from Hawaii. I love her! We had some really fun conversations on the street with some interesting people. One of them was Daniel and he told us that Christ was going to come in 7 years and that lava will engulf L.A. He was crazy.

Saturday we went to Bob and Judy’s and she said the sweetest thing. Judy turns to me and says, “When you’re older and you look back on your mission and you wonder if it was worth it, just remember that I said “Yes.”” I about cried. I am so grateful that I know them and that I have the opportunity to build relationships with people here. How incredible is it?! I LOVE being a missionary. It’s so hard and difficult, but so worth it. 

Sunday Sister Henderson gave a wonderful talk on covenants. 

Today we went with Millie (90 year old friend) to her husband’s grave at Rose Hills. This cemetery is GIGANTIC. I have never seen such a large cemetery and it was packed today for Memorial day. It was really sad. She really misses him. 

I love you!

Sister Lydia Foster


Remember the Lord

Hi everybody! It’s been a while since I’ve sent a group email out. I’m sorry I haven’t been keeping you updated on my experiences as a missionary, but here’s a summary of what’s been going on lately. 

1. We just had transfers (when missionaries are moved around) and Sister Henderson and I are staying for another 6 weeks in La Mirada! We’re super excited about it, and know that we will be able to do a lot of good in the next little while. 

2. Sean wore a tie for the first time EVER, which was really impressive, because he hates ties. And Brian blessed the sacrament for the first time too! It was a great Sunday.  

3. I read a scripture this week that really struck me. It says, “Neither were they slow to remember the Lord their God; but they did humble themselves exceedingly before him. Yeah they did remember how great things the Lord had done for them, that he had delivered them.” 

At times I feel that we forget the Lord in our every day lives, but when things get tough, we seek His help. Don’t forget the Lord! He wants to be a part of every detail of our lives, and our job is to seek His will and His direction. I know that as I have humbly accepted His will in my life, things have turned out far better than if I had done it my way. Remember how often God has blessed your life, has “delivered you” from whatever trial it may have been. He will never forget you, but we often forget Him. 

4. Another great quote was “We believe in God because of things we know with our heart, and mind, not because of things we do not know. It is the faithful life that requires moral strength, dedication and courage.” Isn’t that so true? It takes courage to believe in God, to have faith in His timing, and to wait for His timetable. All we can do is ACT in faith, and do the things that he has commanded us. 

5. This week was a hard, long week. It seems that we were faced with challenge after challenge. It continues to surprise me how wary people are about religion, any religion. I think we need to talk more about God and less about the world. I think that as we speak of Him, as we live like His Son, we can make the world a better place. Jesus Christ is JOY. Because of Him we are able to return to live with our Father in Heaven. That’s something to talk more about. 

I love you all. I know God lives, I know Jesus is the Christ and I’m grateful that I get to share that each and every single day. Hope you all have a wonderful week! 

pictures will be coming 😉 


Sister Lydia Foster

Mother’s Day

From Molly: Missionaries are only allowed to call home on Christmas Day and Mothers day. Yesterday we received our third and final call home from Lydia. She is doing great! She will return home September 25th.

From Lydia:

Happy Mother’s Day! 

It was great to see you all yesterday! I can’t believe it’s over, and I have 4 months left. Time will fly. I’m scared, but hope to work as hard as I possibly can for the rest of my mission. 

This week was long but it was a good week. We’ve been really struggling finding people to teach! We’ve been teaching and testifying a lot, but people just have no desire to listen and hear more, it’s sad. 

Since not much happened, I’ll fill you in on MLC, or Mission Leadership Council. I loved this day. 

President Patterson opened up with Mosiah 12:21-22. “How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that publisheth peace.” We went through this scripture and dissected it and discovered that we are Christ’s Runners. We are the FRONTRUNNERS. Because of this unique calling we have we are able to proclaim the gospel to everyone who will listen. President asked us, “How can your feet become beautiful?” Then he showed us the picture of Christ washing the 12 Apostles feet and asked us why he was doing that. Well, we came to the conclusion that he was preparing his disciples to be runners of the Word. We are all runners, physically. Now we need to be runners, spiritually. 

I told you of the experience we had with Millie (90 years old) before we Skyped. Well, we went back after we made tacos for the McCay’s and brought her food and such and we were able to talk and we asked her where she thought her husband was and she says, with tears in her eyes, “Well, I hope he is waiting for me!” I felt like we should sing a song and so we did. We sang, “Families Can Be together Forever.” What a beautiful truth that is. We can be together forever. THAT is incredible. 

I had some really good studies on mothers this week. I studied the stripling warrior’s moms, Eve, Mary, and Rebekah. It was awesome! Here’s one of my favorite quotes! 

“There is no spiritual power in living by convenience. The power comes as we keep our covenants.” Elder Ballard

You’ve taught me to always be a covenant keeper and that’s what I’m trying to teach my converts and my investigators to do as well. I know there is power in keeping covenants. I have seen and witnessed that truth. 

I love you! 

Sister Lydia Foster


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