Week of Faith

So, this week went by very, very, very fast. I don’t know quite how it went by this fast but it did. It’s odd how some weeks it flies by and then some weeks feel like they’ve lasted a lifetime. 

Anyways, here’s my week in a nutshell: FAITH. 

So this week I focused all my energy on loving the people around me, especially those that we are working with and trying to have more faith in what I do. 

That’s my transfer goal. This is my 8th transfer as a missionary. That’s crazy. It’s gone by so fast. But my focus, and my goal can be summed up in Alma 7:24,” And see that ye have faith, hope and charity, and then ye may always abound in good works.” Faith, hope, and charity. That’s the key! So this week was filled with experiences where I was able to exercise my faith.

Monday evening was so much fun! We always have a family home evening with the Cantrell family, who’s dad recently got baptized and they just barely got sealed as a family in the San Diego temple and they LOVE missionary work. Their son, who’s 9, is JUST LIKE HYRUM. I need to get a picture with him because they even slightly look like each other. He knows ALL the names of the Star Wars characters and planes and stuff. It’s so cute. But anyways, he invited a friend over and he basically taught him the Restoration, we were just there. It was the coolest lesson ever because we really just kept the conversation going and this 9 yr old and his siblings that are YOUNGER than him just taught him. It was super sweet. 

Tuesday we woke up early and dropped Sister Hicks off at the airport. It was a weird feeling seeing her and some of the other missionaries leave. I had some de ja vu because I just know that September will be here before i know it. We started the day with watching the announcement of our new prophet and First Presidency! Super exciting. Tuesday we got to teach the Restoration A LOT which was great. We taught this guy while he was taking the lights off his house.We’re teaching this really awesome guy named Sean! He is in his 40’s and how he met the missionaries is kind of a miracle. It was while he was walking his dogs. He loves the Book of Mormon and he sells essential oils for a living. He is the best! He just gets the gospel. He understands it. It’s really fun teaching him. We also ate at his house on Thursday. His wife is an AMAZING cook. I’m really sad that when I go home there will literally be nowhere that has legit, real tacos. She made this really delicious cilantro sauce and homemade chocolate chip cookies. They were so good. She chops her own chocolate. Ahhhhh. But more than the food, the Spirit was really strong. He’s going to be baptized on February 18th, great birthday present for me, right?? I’m so excited for him!

Wednesday we had District meeting and appointments. Thursday we had weekly planning and as we were studying and praying Sister Davis looks over at me and says, “I think we need to reserve the font for next Saturday at 2:00.” Me, “What? We don’t have anybody that’s ready to be baptized.” Her: “Yeah, I know, but God told me to exercise more faith and do it so what do you say?” So I’m really confused at this point so I say a little prayer to see if this is what we should do and sure enough God tells me, “Someone will be baptized next Saturday.” We’re not quite sure who, but we are exercising our faith and we reserved the font. It was a little scary but we’re just moving forward on faith. There are only 3 people that have come to church enough for this possibility  so we’re expecting to have a baptism this Saturday at 2, not sure who it’ll be but it’ll be great! 

Friday we just walked a lot and tried to find. We talked to a few people but they just weren’t interested. 

Saturday we had a great lesson with Bob & Judy on the sacrament. We started by singing a sacrament hymn and how they make Sunday a special day. It’s so cool to learn from them because they were Jewish before they were baptized and they know so much! They were talking about how they used to worship on the Sabbath and how it’s changed. It’s more of giving of yourself and how simple and sacred the sacrament is. It was sweet. We also met with Wyatt and his dad Jason. His dad is a member that hasn’t been active in over 25 years. he recently had surgery and when we visited him on Wednesday it sounded like he was going to die. He was worried that he was going to die. We knock on the door on Saturday and he’s like, “HI! Wow, I feel so much better. I don’t have much time, but long story short I think I have a testimony now. God is real. I’ll see you at church tomorrow, I’m super excited.” Then he excused himself cause he had to go to work. HOW IN THE WORLD. THAT’S CRAZY. We were blown away. Miracles happen every. single. day. It’s ridiculous. We also found 2 new people that night that are youth! They’re super cool. One is Alexa and the other is Roy. 

Sunday was great! We waited in anxiety (as usual) to see if anybody would show up and the  best moment was when we saw Wyatt and his dad walk in the doors. It was so sweet. As I partook of the sacrament and listened to the sacrament hymn I was just taken back with how grateful I am for this sacred ordinance. It really has blessed my life in so many different ways. It’s so simple but yet so significant and sacred. The meaning and the power behind this ordinance is incredible. The rest of the meetings went smoothly and we were able to have some great conversations with members throughout the remainder of the day as we are trying to focus on teaching part-member families. 

So, this week was great! I loved it. I’m still working on my faith but it’s getting there. I think faith is so powerful, yet so simple in concept. God trusts us with so much: the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ; the priesthood power; the temple; His gospel and the knowledge of His Plan. If he trusts us with that, why don’t we trust Him to fulfill all the promises that He makes and continues to make with us personally. Fear is the opposite of faith and I’ve gotten really good at forgetting about my fear and moving forward with faith. We shouldn’t be scared if we know it’s God’s plan. It’s HIS PLAN. He’s on OUR SIDE. He wants us to succeed more than anybody else does. So, stop worrying and fear not! He is with you! 


Sister Lydia Foster


Pics: awesome old tree, goofy swing pic, sister davis and foster, made fun cookies for neighbors and friends


We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet

…to guide us in these latter-days, we are grateful for sending the gospel, to lighten our minds with it’s rays. 

This week the Prophet of God, President Thomas S Monson, passed away. It was sad hearing that, but because of what we believe, I know that he is in a better place! I am so grateful for everything I learned from him! Seriously, I have gained so much from the example of Christlike love and service that he has given to the world. He was one that cared about the ONE. He served one at a time. Here are some of my favorite quotes by President Thomas S. Monson:

“Courage, not compromise bring’s the smile of God’s approval” 

“We are the Lord’s hands here upon the earth, with the mandate to serve and to lift His children. He is dependent upon each of us.”

“Our Heavenly Father does answer prayers. In his own time and in His own way.”

I also love the last talk he gave about the Book of Mormon. Here’s that link if you want to watch it. READ IT. That was his challenge, but more than that. LIVE IT and then LOVE IT. 


Here is a  video link about his life: 


This week flew by! I went on exchanges with two different companionships of sisters and it was a blast! We learned a lot and got to do quite a bit of service too. That was fun! 

I think I learned a lot about prayer this week. I’ve been trying to really listen as I pray. I keep a prayer journal now, and so every time I pray and ask a question, I sit in silence, listening to what God wants me to know. Prayer is supposed to be a conversation, it’s supposed to be you talking to your Heavenly Father. That’s pretty amazing. 

Love you all! Have a great week!

Sister Lydia Foster

Ready or Not…

Here comes 2018! 

Happy New Year!! 

What did you guys do for New Year’s? Anything fun? Did you make Chinese food? If so, I’m jealous! 

This week went by really fast and was filled with lots of adventures. Of course, Christmas. That was a blast! And New Year’s Eve which was also fun. Today the whole zone went on a hike and it was actually really really hard. I was not expecting that at all. The sad thing is that the view was covered with smog/smoke. 

This week was busy! We found 8 new investigators and actually taught a lot of lessons. We had an AMAZING lesson with our investigators Stephanie and Leo Christmas Day. They told us how they really want to change but they just need a push. They know there is something more. 

We had exchanges this week too. One of the sisters has been really homesick and anxious and so we got to help her with that. I went with Sister Henry. She is the best!! I love her. She is so awesome. I learned a lot from her and we taught a lot of really cool people 

I love the gospel. We watched the Joseph smith movie last night for New Years and it was the greatest.  Everyone was having a party last night but we went to bed at 10 because we were exhausted! You can watch it here:


I had my interview with President. I am so grateful for him and what he does. I asked him how I could do more as a missionary and he told me to love Preach My Gospel and the book of mormon with a new passion. So i’m working on it.


Sister Lydia foster


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