(Lydia didn’t have time to write a group email so I am sending updates via her letter to family, enjoy. Sister Petelo is Lydia’s new companion and is French-Canadian, the english language is new to Sister Petelo, Lydia learned french in high school and is loving getting some french lessons)


See, I’m learning. 

Honestly, I have little to report on. This week we spent a lot of time walking and knocking and had very little success as of right now. The people’s hearts are hard and we just haven’t found those who are prepared to hear the gospel yet. It’s frustrating and discouraging and makes me homesick for El Dorado and you. 

My bright spot is Sister Petelo who is a great missionary, with great work ethic and make me laugh non-stop. I love her and am grateful for her. She’ll do amazing things here in Long Beach, I’m excited to see her growth. She’s already grown more confident in herself and this work. We love cooking together. We made salmon and vegetables this week, and it was delicious. She is a great cook 😉 I’ve picked up jump-roping which is SO HARD. Seriously, it’s really difficult to jump rope for a long period of time. We’re getting fed more, but not every night (which I’m grateful for because we get to cook and we’re allowed to take naps during dinner, HA) 

We knocked on one potential’s door and I swear this guy had a pet pig! It was SO FUNNY. Sister Petelo started cracking up was so funny! 

The General Women’s Conference was AMAZING. I really needed that spiritual boost, it was great. I loved all the talks. The first one by Sister Eubank was awesome. I loved it and just ate it up. 

My spiritual experience of the week was when I was reading Alma 26, which is my favorite chapter of all time. I was feeling really down and started reading it and was just enveloped in the Spirit as he testified to me that I am supposed to be here and I am supposed to be on a mission, not matter how hard it is. 

So here I am. Trying my best, which is all I can give. Praying and praying and praying some more that we will find someone, ANYONE to teach.

Sister Foster

IMG_9554 2


Crepes are the Best!

So. I got transferred. 

Did I cry about it? Yes. I loved El Dorado, it was one of the best experiences of my life! I will never forget the people that I met there and the experiences that I had because they changed me forever. I will miss it, but it’s on to another adventure for me!

Tuesday I got my new companion and she is from Montreal, Canada and she speaks FLUENT FRENCH! For those of you who don’t know, I LOVE FRENCH. I’ve been dying to learn how to speak French for years, so I guess God is giving me this wonderful opportunity to train this beautiful new missionary. She is hilarious. She laughs at a lot of the things I say, even when they’re not funny, mainly because I probably have a weird accent that I picked up in Wyoming….oh well. She learns new words every day, like “burp” and “belch”. She laughed for a straight 30 minutes when I told her what those meant. These next few months will be filled with laughter, which I am NOT complaining about AT ALL. I love laughing, and you can never laugh too much as a missionary. 

And then…the REAL adventure began.

I am whitewashing the Cerritos area which means that they take two missionaries and put them in an area they have never been or seen, they don’t know the people, they don’t know the members….and you just have to figure it out and by the grace of God I have survived a whole entire week. It took a lot of U-turns, a lot of prayers, and a lot of eating unhealthy food (mainly crepes). I spent a lot of time on my knees trying to understand what God wants me to do here. We’ll see. 

Scripture of the WEEK: 

Alma 8. the whole chapter. 

Really, this is what I am experiencing here on my mission. It’s really hard to be a missionary, but you come to love and care about the people you are serving so much! It’s such a special experience! In verse 10 it talks about how Alma is “wrestling in mighty prayer with God” specifically for the well being of the people. How often are you praying for those around you? It’s not just you that needs help, everyone around you are experiencing trials and difficulties. My challenge is for us all to pray for someone else this week. I promise that our love for this person (whether or not you like them right now) will grow. God will bless you AND that person. 

I love you all! Thank you for all the prayers!

Sister Lydia Foster


The funniest thing that happened this week was after family night a member smashed CHOCOLATE CAKE ALL OVER MY FACE. Yep. It was in my hair and my nose and my mouth. It was ridiculous, but memories, right? It was a great “going away” present. I’ll try and send pictures a little later!  

See Ya El Dorado

Lydia wrote this sweet message in her email to me I thought I would share:

Anyways. I love you. and I love everything that I’ve been able to do this week. It’s been a week of miracles. I saw this happen before Sister Hamblin left too. The Lord prepares. The Lord softens hearts. The Lord strengthens the week. The Lord is preparing me to be a better mother, sister, aunt, daughter, niece, teacher, leader, and future queen and priestess. I have seen that in my life as a missionary again and again and again. Mission life is hard, but LIFE is harder. God is preparing my heart. “COMFORT MY SOUL IN CHRIST” that’s what I am feeling again and again and again. I love this work. I love you.

This is her message to everyone else:

Alright, so the big news this week is that I AM GETTING TRANSFERRED. For those of you who don’t know what that means, it means that I am leaving the area I’m in right now and moving to a different area called CERRITOS. I am also training a new missionary again, so I will meet her sometime tomorrow. I love training but I will miss Sister Whitaker because we have become such great friends. The work in this Young Adult ward is amazing. It is always moving and we done so much good as a companionship here. The people are prepared to receive Jesus Christ in their lives, and it has been amazing to see the change in their hearts and their lives. I will miss the friends that I have made and the people that I have come to love so dearly. It was hard to say goodbye last night. We took lots of pictures so I will include those later. 

The spiritual thought of the week is:


How do I get through the slammed doors and the long hot days and the unfortunately rude people?? I ask for strength and I ask for help and I look to my SAVIOR. 

How will you get through life?

I say the same thing but it’s true EVERY SINGLE DAY FOREVER. YEP. 

Comfort your soul in Christ. Comfort your soul in Christ. 

That’s about all I have. I’ll let you know about my adventures next week! Have an amazing week! 

Much love from California. 

Sister Lydia Foster

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