I’d just like to leave ya’ll a simple thought about prayer. 

Why do we pray? Do you pray because you “have” to or do you pray because you want to? When you get down on your knees at night, in the morning, or when you’re driving in the car or going for a walk or stressed about a test or work or whatever you are experiencing in your life right now, what moves you to pray?

Prayer is how we communicate with God. He is literally our Father in Heaven, the Creator of our Spirits, the Author of our lives. He is our EVERYTHING and he wants to hear from YOU and ME. Why don’t we take prayer more seriously? All God is asking is for us to have a conversation with him. 

This past week I’ve really found a need to pray. I really love to pray but my prayers this week were more meaningful and more sincere. More heartfelt and I just loved them all. I love being a missionary. I love doing this great work. Without prayer, none of it would be possible. NONE OF THIS. 

Life would not be possible without taking the time to ask our Father in Heaven for some help, for some extra strength. I am grateful for Him and our Savior, Jesus Christ. I love them and am grateful that I can wear His name on my heart each day of my life for the next 13 months.

I love you all! Sorry for the short email!

Sister Lydia Foster 


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