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Okay, so for all of you I haven’t sent a friend request for on FB, don’t worry. I’ll get to it.¬†

My mission has been given an opportunity to use Facebook as a tool to proselyte. I am excited to start using it as a place to share what I am experiencing here as a missionary as well as connect with you all! If you want to be my friend look me up: Lydia Foster ūüėČ

This week was hectic so I’ll just keep it simple:


This week I was hit with an immense responsibility to share my light with the world. I have been given so much goodness, and God wants all of his children to experience light and happiness. That is OUR RESPONSIBILITY. So my challenge for you this week is to look for a way to SPREAD LIGHT. There are so many ways you can do this. And please feel free to share with me your experiences! 

Another quick note: 



Mosiah 2:17

Serve someone. Serve God. 

Love ya’ll

Sister Lydia Foster




This week was filled with miracles so I’ll just summarize and give you some pictures to look at!


I have known and taught him for about 5 months now and his journey has allowed me to grow with him. His faith in the Savior has exploded with the gospel in his life. It is amazing that he is taking this leap of faith. Thank you for all your prayers. I know I’ve spent a lot of time thinking and praying for him and I am just so grateful for this tender mercy.


For a little while Tee, my very first convert, dropped off the face of the planet but this week she TEXTED US. Tears were shed, and a prayer of gratitude went up to God. He blesses us more than we deserve! 


We found a new investigator named Leslie! She is so sweet and so open and so curious to learn about God and our Savior.


If you want to know how to eat watermelon, Sister Whitaker can teach ya’ll how!¬†

Cookies and Sunshine

Helllloooooo from California ‚ėČ

Hope you are all doing wonderful, the work is great down here in Long Beach. This week wasn’t quite as hot as the past few, but of course I still got sunburnt.¬†

I had an amazing scripture study this week though! I was reading in Matthew 5, the verse “Ye are the salt of the earth, but if the sald have lost his saviour, wherewith shall it be salted?”¬†

I have always been confused with this verse, wondering why in the world is Christ using SALT to teach this? Well, with further research, and lots and lots of great scriptures I learned that He’s actually talking about the covenants that we make with him, and I determined, with the help of the Spirit, that there are 4 great reasons why He uses salt:

1. It’s a preservative…our covenants are meant to last an eternity, not just a little while. Salt is used as a preservative, which is why he uses it to explain covenants!

2. It’s savory and full fo flavor…without salt everything would be bland, it just wouldn’t taste good which is why He talks about “losing your savor”. If we break our covenants, we lose our SAVOR, our PURPOSE is gone!!

3. It’s sacred…in Bibilical times, the priests used salt to perform sacrifices, without it, the sacrifice or the “salt of the covenant” wouldn’t work. Just like then, our covenants now are sacred.¬†

4. It’s a purifier…when we make and KEEP covenants, we become HOLY and SANCTIFIED, just like the Lord is asking us to become. Only through making these promises can we become like Him.

Not a lot has happened, but I do want to share a thought about faith with you. I have really been focusing on my faith these past couple weeks because I have just felt like I’ve been slacking. This happens when you aren’t a missionary too. Sometimes in life we get into a routine and we don’t want anything messing it up. We don’t want curveballs and we don’t want speedbumps. We just want the ride to be smooth.¬†

Welp. I hate to break it to ya’ll but that is NOT how God works. He sent us here to mold and shape us and there is no growth in the comfort zone. Faith comes when we have to take a step in the dark. We’re not sure where God wants us to go, but we’ll take a step and trust Him.¬†

“Faith is not to have a perfect knowledge”

I do not have a perfect knowledge of anything. But i do believe that this work is the work of God Almighty. I do believe that He has called me to this great work in Cali because I needed to learn some things. I know that this church is true and that Joseph Smith saw God the Eternal Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. I know that the Book of Mormon brings peace and strength and changes lives! I have seen it in my own and in others! 

Love you all!

Sister Lydia Foster

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