Gods Time is Always on Time

Hello friends and family! I’m so sorry that I haven’t sent out an email for a little while. Things get crazy in the mission field, and I just haven’t had time to send one. 

This week flew by. Sister Whitaker and I were teaching people constantly. We have a lot of work to do in the Young Single Adult ward and it really is daunting at times to think about it. We are always going somewhere, teaching someone. This week was a hard week of finding. We didn’t have a lot of success, but that’s okay because we know that God is preparing the hearts of those who ARE ready. 

We taught a lot of our less-active members who have been struggling with acknowledging God in their lives. It was a really sweet experience for me because I was able to testify of God’s love. Yeah, life might not be perfect. We’re not always going to have beautiful lives, and we most definitely will make mistakes but that’s okay because God’s love is endless and unconditional. He loves ALL of His children. There is no picking and choosing between who is more rich, or athletic or beautiful. He will not and DOES not do that. It broke my heart talking to this young woman who thought God didn’t love her. God loves ALL. That’s been one of the best things to teach people about. God’s love. 

We were also teaching a young man named Daniel who said, “God’s Time is always on time.” 

I loved that. We never know what’s going to happen or when the blessings are going to come but i always comes at the right time. 

I am grateful for this mission. I am grateful that God is shaping me and molding me into someone better.  I have changed, and it’s because of my Savior, Jesus Christ that I have had the strength to get up every morning and work and love and desire to help the souls of these wonderful people here in California Long Beach. I love the people. I love this work that God has called me to and am so grateful for all of your prayers because they HELP! 


Sister Lydia Foster

P.S. We went to the beach, we’re not allowed on the sand but we walked the pier at Seal Beach and it was beautiful! 


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