California Heat

Hello all! I promise that I am still alive and still working hard! I’m sorry that I’ve been slacking these past couple weeks with my emails, I’ll try to be better with them! This week was crazy busy, as usual, but especially this week. It was also the 4th of July, and little do ya’ll know that California is crazier than usual on the 4th of July….and for a couple days AFTER the 4th of July. Let’s just say that I am grateful that I am deaf so that I can sleep at night.

Here’s a rundown of how my week went! 

So, TUESDAY was the 4th of July and I’m sure you’re wondering what we did. Welp. For most of the day we walked around trying to contact people but everybody was partying in their backyards so, it wasn’t too successful. But that night we went and member hopped from house to house. It was a lot of fun! We had a lot of food. We went to our less-active’s house, her name is Audrey and we talked to her fo a little while, ate some food and then went to Tea’s house. We had some cookies there, talked to her fam, watched some fireworks and then went to Hayden Patrick’s house. That was where the real party was at. Hayden is a goofball, he served in Minnesota, got back a year ago, his sister Hailey just left on her mission to South Korea. She is super sweet and she came out with us for a while. The Patrick family are literally the BEST. Sister Patrick made these really good BBQ chicken sandwiches and we had salad but the best part was probably her brownies. SO GOOD. Sister Whitaker and I were in love. And while we were eating we watched everyone blow up their fireworks. I swear it sounded like the whole city was being bombed. In Cali, most fireworks are illegal but OF COURSE people don’t care about that so we just watched everyone’s illegal fireworks blowing up everywhere. It was a lot of fun. I was grateful that I was deaf that night though for sure. 

Wednesday was Wednesday. We had District Meeting(this is a meeting with a small group of missionaries in my area). I LOVE my district mainly because my favorite Sister Biberston is in my district so it’s a lot of fun to see her and hug her because I love her to death. she’s so cute. We always have a meeting with Bishop right after at the Cal State institute because Bishop is the institute director there. He is so awesome. I learn something new from him every time we talk. I am so grateful that he is so involved in our missionary efforts. He also tells really great surf stories! Then we had a lesson with one of our investigators Josiah. He is hilarious. He’s this 19 year old kid who talks non-stop. But he started reading the Book of Mormon and he absolutely loves it. He’s struggled with alcohol and cigars but he said that every time he thinks about doing that he looks at the Book of Mormon and he doesn’t want to. Cool, right? He’s a talker for sure. We also met with Michael Garcia (our Less-active who’s struggling with drugs) and just read the Book of Mormon. I have never loved the BOM more in my entire life. It truly heals and you can apply every single thing in there into something you are going through. I know it’s true. It brings strength and peace into my life, and to all who read it. 

Thursday was crazy busy because we go to another institute class with all the Polensians and it’s a ball. They are so loud and so crazy and it’s fun. We talked about listening and receiving revelation. It was really great. Bishop Given substititued and taught an amazing lesson. After institute (and we always help with lunch, so we made lasugna) Sister Whitaker and I decided to do companion studies outside and right when I sat down on the grass…I got stung by a WASP. Let me just tell you how badly that hurt, because it did, and it was pretty uncomfortable for a couple days but that’s okay because now it’s completely fine. It really hurt in the moment though. Not fun at all. After that fiasco, we went and helped Tee with some family history. Then we contacted on the college campus and that was an adventure! There are some pretty funny people in the world! 

Friday was New Missionary Training for Sister Whitaker and I and I love this so much because I get to learn from President and Sister Patterson all day long. They are so great. Here are a few highlights:

In Mosiah 15:7 it talks about how Christ’s will was swallowed up in the will of the Father. Christ completely gave his will to God. He CHOOSE to align their wills. That’s what President asked us to think about. Are you letting your will be SWALLOWED up in God’s will? That’s something I really want to work on. I want my will to be God’s will. I don’t want to do anything but what God wants me to do! I want to live each day of my life FOR HIM. FOCUSED ON HIM. I cannot do this work alone. 

“When obedience ceases to be an irritant and becomes our quest, in that moment God will endow us with power.” Ezra Taft Benson. 

Another great one liner is 


I am wearing Christ’s name on my heart. When people reject me on the street, they would reject Jesus Christ. When I ask if they want to hear more about Christ and His teachings and they say NO, thy would say that to the Savior. I am learning how to become like Jesus Christ! I am slowly but surely learning how to be perfect;) good thing I have a really long time to do so! 

Saturday was another killer. I swear I was falling asleep in some of our lessons. AGH. But we did have an incredible lesson with our investigator Jordon! He’s in Italy right now so we’re skyping him! We did it at the Patrick’s home as well. (and they bought us chick-fil-a after. YUM). Anyways, it was so incredible to have a lesson over Skype because the Spirit was still present. Jordon is doing amazing. still reading, still praying, and still loving God. He has come from never saying any prayers at all, to saying lots of prayers and saying, “I love talking WITH God.” How often do we talk WITH God? Sometimes we just talk TO God, but we need to be talking WITH God. I love Jordon, he has changed so much. I’m grateful for him. 

Sunday was also crazy because the Elder Bone and Karren had a baptism! And the organist wasn’t there again so I played the piano at church and I sang at the baptism and Sister Whitaker and I were filling up the font and setting up the chairs and helping our WML figure everything out and we were just running around with our heads cut off! It was wonderful. I sang Joseph Smith’s First Prayer, and it was really powerful (even though it was last minute) It was also kind of scary to do that infront of the Patterson family and who knows who else! But the baptism went well. Elder Bone had to baptize Joe 3 times because his feet kept coming up. It was kind of funny. We found a new investigator last night ! Her name is Tatian and she is really sweet. we’re hoping she is solid! 

And that was my week! Busy and full and amazing. 

I love this work. I love being a missionary. Some days are long and hard and difficult but they’re also filled with God’s tender mercies. I hope you all take some time to see the goodness in each day, I promise that it’s worth it! 

Have a wonderful week!


Sister Lydia Foster



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