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Alrighty, this is it. This is where ya’ll will be able to communicate with me for the next 18 months. I hope you enjoy the pictures, videos and blogs that I will be sending to you via my mom. Click the FOLLOW button at the bottom of the page to receive updates on my weekly work.


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Dear Mom

DEAR mom, (and now mom’s sharing with everyone else this week!)

This week has been crazy I honestly don’t know what to think. We got a call from PRES. Patterson Sunday night where he told us that we would be transferred the next day. He said, “I know this sounds crazy but the Lord thinks you too should whitewash again.          (this is where they remove the missionaries currently in the area and put brand new one’s in, the new one’s begin the work all over again, making new contacts, meeting old contacts and creating a new network of service opportunities) This time in the West Grove ward. I didn’t want to do this to you but I couldn’t put anybody else there.” Me and Sister P “uhhhhh”

Pres”Yep. So you will be moving tomorrow and starting your new area tuesday. How do you feel?” Me: “wow. Can we still go to the temple Tuesday?” Pres: ” LAUGHS, YES! You are going to need all the help that you can get! Good luck!” 

So. In a matter of 24 hrs we have completely changed our ward, our boundaries, our apartment, EVERYTHING. IT IS CRAZY. I am exhausted mentally and physically but I am SO PUMPED for this new area. The funny thing is I was fasting on Sunday for the strength to love the Cerritos ward. When we got home on Sunday I just couldn’t take it and started crying and asking God why I was even there because we weren’t doing much. Welp. I know now more than EVER that God had a plan and that His plan is greater and better than ours. Sometimes it just takes longer than we want. 

I am now serving in the west grove ward. WHOOP. We met the ward mission leader last night and he is THE BEST. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. SO EXCITED. oh my goodness you have no idea how dang excited I am. This is an answer to my prayers and your prayers. This area is not rich at all do and I am excited for that too. 

The temple was great today. I needed that. It brought me a lot of peace and strength. We missed our scheduled session so we stayed for the later one and that is why it is taking me forever to write you. Also. I HATE CARS AND TRAFFIC IT TOOK US 3 HRS TO GET THERE AND IT IS LITERALLY 20 MILES AWAY. 

I am kind of a mess right now. So is our new apartment. The last missionaries were literally living in a PIGSTY. OH MY GOODNESS. I walked in and about barfed. I was so mad and so was Sister Petelo. Gross. So we spent the rest of the day yesterday cleaning the apartment. I am so grateful that you taught me how to clean. If you want an estimate to how dirty it was I scrubbed the bathroom so hard (especially the shower) that my shoulders and my forearms are SORE. THEY HURT. yep. It is crazy. 

Disneyland is in my mission now AND in our zone. WHOOP. Our new apartment complex has a workout room HECK YES. I also love our new ZLS (zone leaders; the two missionaries in charge of their area they serve in) they are a blast.

I love you lots. Sorry I don’t really remember what happened the rest of the week! 



New Address:

12221 beach blvd. #3F 

Garden grove, Ca 92841



This week was pretty good! We are slowly making progress here in the Cerritos 1st ward. Lots of walking and talking and more walking. By the end of the day I’m exhausted but it’s well worth it. 

Sorry, this email will be short, but I would just like to say a few important things.

1: We each have a natural instinct to GO HOME. That doesn’t mean home like Wyoming or Utah or whatever it means HOME. WITH GOD. But we have to follow the example of His Son to go home. What are you doing to get HOME? 

(mom add in: This past weekend was our semi annual General Conference. That is where the apostles and leaders of our church broadcast a worldwide conference and for two days share the counsel of the Lord Jesus Christ through his living prophets and apostles, the talks were filled with hope and love and teachings of Christ. You can have a listen or watch here: LDS General Conference 

Lydia said the following about it to Paul and I:

CONFERENCE: YAYYYY. What a spiritual high!? I love this time of the year and I never want it to end. I learned a lot from all the speakers and am grateful that I had the opportunity to watch it. I loved Elder Rasband’s talk and thought about you and the family. I don’t know how you’re doing or what’s happening but I know that whatever happens, it won’t be by “coincidence” it will be because of DIVINE DESIGN. God has a plan, and I need to trust it more fully. Oh, I loved Elder Nelson’s. THE BOOK OF MORMON IS THE KEYSTONE OF OUR RELIGION AND OUR TESTIMONY. I have never loved the Book of Mormon more in my life than I do right now. It has changed my life and so many others.)

 2: I was able to witness the baptism of my former investigator Gabriel. It was so special and wonderful. He has changed so MUCH. It is incredible! 

(mom add in: this is the details she sent me; I was able to see GABRIEL get baptized in El Dorado. President let me go back for the baptism because I was the one who started teaching him!! Do you remember him? He’s the one that didn’t believe in God or Jesus Christ 3 months ago. Well. The Book of Mormon changed HIS LIFE. I was able to attend Gabriel’s baptism yesterday and that was an incredible blessing to me personally. It was a tender mercy. I have been able to witness his complete change of heart. The first time I met with him, he had no belief in God, he didn’t want to pray or go to church. Now, he has not stopped smiling. Now, he believes in Jesus Christ. He believes in God and his prayers are simple and heartfelt. I remember handing him the Book of Mormon and promising that it would change his life, as it has changed mine, and it has. It completely changed him. I love being a missionary and being part of that amazing and incredible journey.)

That is all, sorry I’ve had a busy day. I know Jesus is the Christ and that we will find real peace with following His example. Keep praying and keep believing! 


SISTER Lydia Foster


(Lydia didn’t have time to write a group email so I am sending updates via her letter to family, enjoy. Sister Petelo is Lydia’s new companion and is French-Canadian, the english language is new to Sister Petelo, Lydia learned french in high school and is loving getting some french lessons)


See, I’m learning. 

Honestly, I have little to report on. This week we spent a lot of time walking and knocking and had very little success as of right now. The people’s hearts are hard and we just haven’t found those who are prepared to hear the gospel yet. It’s frustrating and discouraging and makes me homesick for El Dorado and you. 

My bright spot is Sister Petelo who is a great missionary, with great work ethic and make me laugh non-stop. I love her and am grateful for her. She’ll do amazing things here in Long Beach, I’m excited to see her growth. She’s already grown more confident in herself and this work. We love cooking together. We made salmon and vegetables this week, and it was delicious. She is a great cook 😉 I’ve picked up jump-roping which is SO HARD. Seriously, it’s really difficult to jump rope for a long period of time. We’re getting fed more, but not every night (which I’m grateful for because we get to cook and we’re allowed to take naps during dinner, HA) 

We knocked on one potential’s door and I swear this guy had a pet pig! It was SO FUNNY. Sister Petelo started cracking up was so funny! 

The General Women’s Conference was AMAZING. I really needed that spiritual boost, it was great. I loved all the talks. The first one by Sister Eubank was awesome. I loved it and just ate it up. 

My spiritual experience of the week was when I was reading Alma 26, which is my favorite chapter of all time. I was feeling really down and started reading it and was just enveloped in the Spirit as he testified to me that I am supposed to be here and I am supposed to be on a mission, not matter how hard it is. 

So here I am. Trying my best, which is all I can give. Praying and praying and praying some more that we will find someone, ANYONE to teach.

Sister Foster

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